• Many different guilds and factions can be found in Arcan. Their members are known in part due to the arms they don or, in the case of illegal activities, what is left behind once their mischief ceases.

Some arms are well known and loved, some are never drawn the same way due to a lack of knowledge, and others are as feared as a newly rose lich.

The most influential families also use arms. They are carved on swords, shields, or even above the doors of their houses. The way those arms are shown signify a family’s power. It’s more than an egoistic vanity, it’s a warning: “Those who shall hurt someone or something wearing those arms will face their fate.”


If you’ve played the demo, you might have heard of the name Valentyne. At the very least, you saw their arms displayed on the city’s gates. It is THE family, the one that rules everything, the one that’s root of countless things (even things the Valentynes aren’t aware of), the one that’s been mentioned many times before. It’s the royal family.

Although they are not directly related to the Academy—the Ashai Order manages it—everything happening during Rave’s school years will affect them and the way they rule their kingdom. Maybe Rave will even get to meet some of them!


This family is a case study. It breeds at least one mage each generation, and goes against everything we know about the basics of magic. Normally, a child is born with elemental magic, and must sacrifice it in order to get an unusual power. The Valence family comes into the world with unusual magic: necromancy.

This type of magic gives them total control over the dead who have risen, even those who have kept their conscience. Depending on the power of the mage, they can even dominate several dead at the same time, or control certain specific areas. It’s because of—or one must say, “thanks” to them— that the dead are no longer as scary as before.

The Valence family is as much admired as feared. This exception to the rule of magic makes some people uncomfortable, others have a dim view of the blind trust that the royal family has given them, and others think they are far too powerful for the safety of the country. Their detractors have only one argument against them: today, they prevent the dead from attacking, but who’s to say that one day they won’t order them to devour those who stand in their way?

Ashaï Order

Ashaï is the God who created the continent of Arcan as well as the father of its first inhabitants. He is the one who gave life to everything that exists in Arcan. People turn to him when in doubt, when afraid, or when they need someone to confide in. An altar dedicated to him is in every house to protect those who live here, and prayers are sung to express how much he is loved. He has an important place in the heart of every inhabitant of Arcan, and therefore his Order takes an equally important place in the management of the country.

The Archbishop at the head of the Order is one of the only two people with a seat at the King’s table. His orders are indisputable, and the laws he votes on are engraved in marble. This is one of the highest positions in the country, so when the current Archbishop announced his retirement, many dreamed of taking his place.

Unfortunately for those dreamers, only the Archbishop can choose his successor. The only thing that prevents him from making a decision is that he still can’t make up his mind between two of his protégées: Dexter Hawthorne and Phoenix Valence.

When he believes he has decided which of them is best suited to take over the Order, he quickly changes his mind. His indecisiveness has gone on for so long that people have been waiting for the name of the next Archbishop for a year already. Who knows, there could be future events that may help him choose his successor once and for all!


No one knows how, but Arcan’s thieves managed to change thievery into an art. Way up above burglars and simple-minded pickpockets, the ones leaving the Thieves Order arms behind steal without picking a lock, touching the furniture, or spilling blood. They know where everything is way before they get in.


If you have enough money, you can afford to pay someone to get rid of your enemy. But nothing guarantees that person you hired won’t rat you out if they get caught. That’s the problem with amateurs: they rather save their head than honor their contract. Luckily for you, there are professionals you can trust: Assassins. Real ones. Capital “A”.

Some say they use children, some say that undead fill their ranks, and some say that they can kill in daylight without getting caught. However, what’s said about their method is more tale than fact. The only thing known is that when someone is found without a… specific part of their body, it was done by them.

Don’t try to copy their methods to cover your crime. You won’t survive the night.

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