Woman mages

The magic academy exclusively takes young male magic students to help them become better and turn into good, responsible men. What about the young girls? Welcome to the worst side of Arcan.

Men are mages, women are witches.

When a child appears to be a mage, it’s a blessing. Their powers will grant them a good future, and their family will prosper for many years (and even generations). Or so that’s how it goes, but only if the child is male. Girls are taken from their families and put in the care of a salvateur. The reason: monitor them so they can never use magic again.

That’s how magic females live: constantly watched, unable to wed or give birth, and if their magic appears when they are really young, they don’t even remember their parents. Salvateurs are allowed to execute the witches if they ever use their powers again, a right which was granted by Arcan. Who would do such a thing? Lichs.

So far, every lich in Arcan was female, and every one of them could use magic. The continent believed only witches rose as Lichs. And since it’s much easier to control a woman’s life than to end a lich’s one, radical measures were taken. Are you a woman willing to use your magic? Arcan will kill you before you get strong enough to become a lich.

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